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The walk-in-Interview    is conducted  to the  following   posts  to work on Contract  Basis under NHM to work In various  programmes  under  National  Health Mission in Ananthapuramu  District on  contract   basis initially    for  a period  of  one  year  only.    The  both  local  and Non-local Candidates of Ananthapuramu   District  are eligible  for  the  post Mentioned  in Sl. No. 01 to  10  and

Only  Local  Candidates  of  Ananthapuramu   District   are  eligible   for   the   post  of  in  SI No.11 i.e Dental HygienistITechnician.     The Candidates who are applied for  the post of Medical Officer  are directed  to submit  the applications  separately  for  each category  i.e   One for  the  post mentioned  in

SI NO.5 t07.  one  for  the  post  mentioned  in  Sl.No.08  and another  one for  the  post  mentioned  in 

SI No. 9   0 ne aoouI'ca ti ons for a1I the DOS ts wW1ill not be consiidere.d 


As   per    the    orders,   issued    by   the    Government     in    GoMs  No.52    GAD(Ser.A)   Dep

ated.17.06.2020    the  Maximum  upper  age limit  as on 01.07.2021   shall  be followed   as below

Note-1:  -        The   Maximum   weightage    as  mentioned    at   Point   -c  for   Government    Service rendered   in  Tribal/Rural/Urban      areas  including   COVID-19 duties  In  the   Institutions    under  the Control  of DPH6:FW,DME, APWP  Only.
Note-2:-           The  above  COVID•19 weightage   shall  be applicable   only  to  the  persons  who  have AppOinted  in the  Special  Recruitment    for  Covid on contract/Outsourcing/Honorarium        basis and are  appointed   by the  District   Collector   or any  other  competent    authority    bas on orders  issued by the  Government   from  time  to time.
Conditions   for awarding   SerVice weightage  :
1.    The  contractual    service  put  up  by the  Medical  Officers  who  were  appointed   with financial  concurrence  at the Government  level  and where services was discontinued but  not  on account  of  any fault  on their  part,  will  be considered  for  weightage  of marks.
2.    The  contractual    service  of  those  Medical  Officers   who  have  been  appointed   on contact  basis without   prior  financial  concurrence  of Government  of Andhra Pradesh but are presently  working  in APSACS.RNTCPand Mobile  Epidemics and MCH Team in tribal  and vulnerable  area under NHM will  be considered for weightage  of marks.
3.    The contract   service  put  in  by the  doctors  who  have been  appointed   on contract basis selected   by the  D5C and who  are drawing  salary  under  sub head 310/311  - grants will  be counted  for weightage  of marks.
4.    The contract   service  put  in  by the  doctors  who  have been  appointed   on contract
basis in  the  ESI Hospitals  under  Director  of  Insurance Medical  Services by the  DSC and  who  are  drawing  salary  under  300 -  grants  will   be counted  for  weightage  of marks.
5.    Service in Dr. YSRAarogyasri Health Care Trust.
6.    Services in 104 (Mobile Medical Units).
7.    Services in e UPHCs. MBBS Foreign  University   Degree(FUD)

}>     Considering of Foreign Universities  Degrees for Aggregate of Marks of 75% :

}>    The candidates  who have passed the MBBSdegree in Foreign  Universities,  the 75% aggregate marks weightage  is given as per the following  equalliance  formula .
a)  A Grade/Excellent b)   B Grade 1 Good
c)  C Grade I Satisfactory
• 60%X75 '" 45
55%X75 = 41.25
• 50%X75:  37.50 
..... Continued.03 
;,:. The percentage  of marks awarded  in Foreign Universities,   those marks shall  be converted  as
Grades as mentioned  below:

;,:. In certain Foreign  Untvers ..

Degreesshown as academic  hours I amount of hours /  ECIS 
RanksI  National grade I  Study hours/ credits / Grade points GPAJpass.In suchcases,where
marksare not clearly shown, the GradeC with 50%as maximum markswill be awarded.


r::ir Candidatesshould come to the %        District Medical and Health Officer, Ananthapuramuon the above mentioned date and to   submit the Prescribed Application(appended with the prospects)alongwith the following enclosureswith self attestation.
a)  SSCor equivalent certificate  (for Date of Birth).
b)  Latest Caste Certificate in case of SCfSTJ BC (with categorization if any) issued by MROconcerned. In the absenceof proper certificates  the candidate will be consideredas OCcandidate.
c)  In caseof PhysicallyChallengedperson, latest certificate  issuedby Medical Board should be enclosed.
d)  In caseof Ex-servicemen,relevant certificate issuedby competent authority shall be enclosed.
e)  Study Certificates  from  class IV to  X from  the  school where the  candidate studied. If SSCor its equivalent done by private study, without  attending any school, residence certificate  from MRO for  previous 7 years. (in  prescribed proforma).  In  the  absence of  the  above certificate   the  candidate will  be consideredas Non- local.
f)   Eligible Qualification Pass Certificate J  Provisional. g)  Internship completion certificate.
h)  Eligible Qualification aggregate of marks obtained in all the years in qualifying the examination (CumulativeMarksMemo)
i)   Certificate  of  permanent Registration in AP State Medical Coundl constituted under MCIAct.
j)    Service  certificate(Prescribed  Proforma only)  from   the   controlling  officer concerned (DMaHO/DCHSI Any other authority who appointed the applicant) in case of Medical officer  working on contract  I Outsourcing basis. In absenceof which the candidate will not be given anyweightage.
k)  The application  submitted  without  the  required  certificates  and incomplete applications will be rejected summarily.
a. Community Certificate issued by the competent authority in terms of G.O.Ms.No.58, SW(J) Department, dt.12-05-1997 (Candidates belonging to  BC, SC &  ST of  other States are not entitled for reservations).
b.   The General Rule 22 of Special representation shall apply to  the appointments of these posts subject to various provisionsin the relevant Service rules, except in the caseof PhysicallyHandicappedpersons.
II.     The reservation to Women will  apply as per General Rule 22-A (G.O.Ms.No.41r    WDaCW (Estt.) Department. dt.01-08-1996 and as per the  G.O.No.63 GAD (Ser.D) Dept Dated.
III.      The Ruleof Reservationto local candidatesis applicable.
Local:   In terms of Para 8 of the G.O., A.P. Public Employment (Organization of local cadres)  and  regularization   of   Director   Recruitment  order   1975  (G.O.Ms.No.674, G.A.(SPF.A)Department, dt.29-10-197S), G.O.P.No.763, G.A.(SPF.A)Department, dt.1S•
11-1975), read with G.O.Ms.No.124,G.A.(SPF.A)Department I dt.07-03-2002, Reservation to the local candidatesis applicable as provided in the Rulesand as amendedfrom time to time as in force on the date of notification. The candidates claiming reservation as local candidates should enclose the  required study certificates  (from  IV class to  SSC)or Prescribed Residence Certificate  issued by the MRO as the  case may be. Subsequent
production of the certificates will not be entertained under any circumstances.

(A)  Residence certificate   will not be accepted,   if a candidate   has studied  in any Educational institutions  upto S.S.c. or equivalent  examination,  such candidates  have to produce study certificates  invariably.
(8)  The candidates   claiming  reservation  as  Local candidates   should  be  enclose  the  required certificates   issued by the concerned  authorities.   Subsequent  production  of the  certificate will NOTbe entertained   under any circumstances.
(C)  This local reservation  is only for providing District representation.

9.   Reservations  to disabled  persons,  are subject  to their  eligibility to  the  posts shall be subject to special rules/adhoc   rules governing the posts.
10. All are  informed  that  the  various conditions  and criterion  prescribed  herein  are  Governed by the  General  rules  of A•P. . State  and Subordinate  Service  Rules, 1996 read  with  the  relevant specific  rules  applicable   to  any  particular   service  in  the   Departments,   any  guidelines  or clarification  is  based  on the  said  rules,  and  in case  of  any  necessity,   any  matter   will be processed  as per the relevant  general  and special rules, cited  as in force.
11. The District Selection  Committee  is empowered  to conduct  the  recruitment   for appointments to the  posts notified  herein  duly following the  principles  of order  of Merit and ensuring that the  whole  recruitment   and  selection'  process  is carried  out  with  utmost  regard  to  maintain secrecy and confidentially,  so to ensure  that  the prindple  of merit is scrupulously followed .
. 12. The candidates  doing PG shall  not  apply.  Permission will not  be  given to  continue  their  PG
course under any circumstances  if selected.
13. The above appointments  are pureLy temporary  and contract  basis under NHM.

14. The selected  and appointed  candidates  should stay at their  bonafide  Headquarters  only.
15. The  Selected  and  appointed  candidates   should undergo an Induction Training of 5 days.

16. Selected  and appotnted  candidates  are barred from doing private  Practice.
17. Selected  candidates  shall be liable to serve in any part  of the  District. DEBARMENT

1.   Candidates  should  make  sure  of their  eligibility  to  the  post  applied  for  and that  the declaration   made  by them  in the  format  of application  regarding  their  eligibility in all respects.   Any candidate   furnishing in-correct   information  or  making false  declaration regarding  his! her eligibility at 'any stage  or suppressing  any information  is liable to be debarred   from  recruitment   conducted  by the  department   and  summarily  rejection  of their  candidature  for this recruitment  ft future  recruitments.

2  The department    is vested  with  duty  of conducting  recruitment    and  selection  as  per rules  duly  maintaining   utmost   secrecy  and  confidentiality   in  this  process  and  any attempt   by anyone  causing or likely to cause  breach  of this duty in such manner  or by such action  as to violate  or likely to violate  the fair practices  followed and ensured  by the  Department  will be sufficient  cause  for rendering  such questionable   means ground for department.


The decision of the  District Selection  Committee  pertaining  to the  application  and its acceptance   or rejection  as the case may be conduct  of counseling  and at all consequent stages  culminating  in  the  selection   or  otherwise   of  any  candidate   shall  be  final  in  all respects   and  binding  on  all  concerned   under  the  powers  vested   with  it.  The  District Selection  Committee  also reserves  its right and  modify regarding  time  and conditions  laid down in the  notification  for  conducting  the various stages  upto  selection  duly intimating details   thereof   to  all  concerned   as  warranted   by any  unforeseen   drcumstances    arising during the course of this process.

Sd/-Ms.Nagalakshmi     S. I.A.S, District Collector ANANTHAPURAMU

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