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Only  Online  Applications  through  the  official  website  of High Court   of  Madhya   Pradesh,,    are  being  invited   for  55 posts   of  Legal   AssistantlLaw    Clerk-cum-Research     Assistant    for  High Court  of Madhya Pradesh  on purely  Contractual  Assignment.   Selection  to these  posts  and  conditions   of service  will  be governed  by High  Court  of Madhya   Pradesh  Services  (Recruitment,   General  Conditions   of Services, Conduct,  Classification,   Control  and Appeal)  Rules,  2017 and "Scheme  for engaging      Legal     Assistant/Law      Clerk-cum-Research       Assistant      on Contractual    assignment   in  the  High   Court   of  Madhya   Pradesh,   2022" available  on the official  website  of High Court of Madhya  Pradesh. The numbers  of vacancies  may vary, depending  upon the exigency  of the situation.

1.       Term and nature   of engagement:-

(i)    Legal    AssistantlLaw      Clerk-cum-Research      Assistant     shall    be engaged  purely  on  contractual   basis  and  their  term  of  assignment shall  normally   be  from  15th   June  till  is" May  of  the  next  year. However,   the  term  of  assignment   may  altered  by  the  decision  of Hon'ble  Chief Justice.

(ii)   The term  of assignment  may be extended  further  for such period  as may be considered  appropriate.

(iii)  The   contractual    assignment    shall   not   confer   upon   the   Legal Assistant/Law    Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   any  right/claim   for regular    appointment     or    continuance     beyond    the    period    of engagement  in the High Court.

(iv)  A Legal Assistant/Law   Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant  who wants  to leave  the  assignment   before  expiry  of assignment   session  shall  be required to  give  one  month's   prior  notice  in  writing  through  the Secretary   of  the  Hon'ble   Judge  with  whom  he/she  is  attached  as Legal Assistant/Law   Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant.

2.       Essential  Qualifications:

(i) The  candidate  must  be a law graduate  (as on the date of appearing for  interview)   having  a Bachelor's   Degree  in Law  from  National Law  University   or  Bachelor's    Degree   in  Law   (05  or  03  years course)   from   any  recognized    SchooliCollegelUniversity/Institute established   by  law in India  and  recognized   by the Bar  Council  of India  for enrolment  as an Advocate.

(ii) Candidate  studying  in the fifth year of the Five-Year  integrated  Law Course  are also eligible to apply, subject to furnishing  proof  of Law graduate   at  the  time  of  interview   for Legal  Assistant/Law    Clerk­ cum-Research  Assistant.

(iii)  The   candidate   must   have   basic   knowledge    of   computer   M.S.

Office/Open  Office/Ubuntu  OS including  retrieval  of desired information   from  internet,  online  law journal,   legal  softwares   and various  search engines/processes.

3.       Age Limit and Nationality:

(i)    A candidate  must  not  be below  the  age  of  18 years  and  above  35 years  as on the last date of receipt  of applications.

(ii)   He must be a citizen  of India. 

4.       Disqualification:

(i) A     candidate      must     not     be     a     practicmg      advocate      nor engaged/appointed   elsewhere  on honorarium/payment    basis.

(ii) A candidate   should  not  have  been  involved   in any  criminal   case, whether   convicted   or  against   whom  criminal   trial  is  pending.   A declaration  in this behalf  shall be made by the candidate.

5.       Character:

The  candidate   must  have  absolute   integrity,  honesty   and  good  moral character.

6.       Working  Hours:

A Legal Assistant/Law   Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   shall  be required to attend office of the concerned  Hon'ble   Judge  from  P.M. with recess period  of half an hour. Legal Assistant/Law   Clerk cum­ Research    Assistant    may   also   be   required    to   attend    office   on   a Gazetted/Local  holiday,  if so required,  for performing  official  duties.

7.       Duties  and Responsibilities:

The  Legal  Assistant/Law   Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   shall  perform such  duties  as  directed   by  the  Hon'ble   Judge  concerned   and  perform such other duties  as may be assigned  by the Registrar  General!  Principal Registrar/  Registrar  from time to time.

8.       Procedure and Direction for  submitting  Online Application  Form:-

Candidates  are required  to log on website  of     and to  click  on  "Recruitment/Result"     tab,  then  click  on  Online  Application forms / Admit  Cards and then Legal AssistantlLaw     Clerk-cum-Research Assistants-2022-2023.     Thereafter  the candidate  will find three links  :-

(1) Advertisement

(2) Registration

(3) Application

The  Candidate   will  have  to click  on Advertisement   and read  the  instructions carefully Thereafter  the candidate  shall click on "Registration"   link and after filling  the  required  information  he/she  will  get the User  ID and Password  on his/her  Registered  Mobile  No.  and E-mail  ID to fill up the Application  Form (Schedule-I)    and  to  upload   signature   and  recent   Colour  Photo   in  the  last "Document    Upload"   tab.  After   filling   all  the   entries   the'  candidate   may preview   the  form  details   and  click   on  "Submit"   button   only  if  he/she   is satisfied  that entries  made in the form are true and correct.

9.       Admit  Cards:  -

Admit    CardslHall     Tickets    for    Personal    Interview     containing necessary  instructions  may be downloaded  by the candidate  applying  same User   Id  and  Password    to  login   which   was  created   while   filling   the application   form.  Breach  of any  necessary   instruction   by candidate  shall disentitle   him/her   to  further   participate   in  examination   process.   Admit cards shall be made available atleast 07 days prior to the date of Examination/Interview     on  the  official   website  High   Court   of  Madhya Pradesh  (

10.     Process  and Method  of Selection:-

(i)     Applications   submitted   on  or  before  the  last  date  for  receipt   of applications    and  found   to  be   in  order   in  all  respects   will  be proceeded  further.

(ii)     The  candidate  shall  bring  his/her  Online  application   fon11 &  self­ attested   copies  of  all  the  relevant!   necessary   documents   on  the schedule  date & time of interview.

(iii)   The applicants  who  are found  eligible  for the assignment  of Legal

Assistant/Law  Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant  shall be required to undergo  Interview  to be held at Jabalpur,  Indore and Gwalior  (at all or one or more places),  as the case may be.

(iv)   The Interview  shall be for 100 marks and a candidate  has to secure minimum  50%   marks  in interview  to be finally  selected  subject to merit & number  of seats.

(v) On the basis of bio-data  and the marks  secured  by the candidates  in the Interview,  a merit  list of candidates  shall  be drawn  to be kept  on the panel  of Legal Assistant/Law   Clerk -cum -Research  Assistant for assignment  during the next assignment  session.

(vi)   The  merit  list  of  candidates   shall  be  placed   for  approval   before Hon'ble  Chief Justice.  The  candidates   whose  names  are approved for giving  assignment  shall  be put in a Panel  as per merit  and they shall be assigned  duties  as per requirement.

(vii)  If any candidate  on the panel either expresses  his/her  unwillingness to take  up the  assignment  or even  after  giving  his/her  willingness does  not  turn  up to take  up the  assignment   on the  appointed  date and   time   without   any   intimation,    his/her   candidature    will   be cancelled  without  any notice  to him/her  and no  correspondence   in this regard  will be entertained.

(viii) After   declaration   of  Result,   Candidates   can  see  their  marks  and download   their   Score   Card   by  Log-in   with   their   User  LD.  & Password.

11.     Travelling  Expenses:    -

No  Travelling    Expenses    or  allowances    will   be  payable   to   any candidate  for appearing  in Interview.

12.     Corrigendum:-

At   any   time      after   the   recruitment    process   has   started   if   any Clarification,   Modification   etc.  is required  to be made  on the part  of High Court  then it may be done by porting  a corrigendum   on the official  website of  MP  High  Court.  Porting  of  corrigendum   on  official  website   shall  be deemed  as sufficient  notice  to  all candidates  / aspirants  and no objection shall    be   entertained    on   the   ground    that   candidate    was   having    no information  of such corrigendum.

13.     Consolidated    remuneration:

A fixed consolidated  remuneration   of Rs.20,OOO/-per month  without any dearness or other allowance/perquisites   shall be paid to the Legal AssistantlLaw   Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant.

14.     Attendance  and Leave: 

(i) The  Legal  Assistant/Law    Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   shall   be granted  leave of absence  as may be approved  by the Hon'ble   Judge with whom  he/she  is attached  subject  to a maximum  of 08 days per term of assignment.

(ii)  The  Secretary  to the Hon 'ble  Judge  shall  maintain  proper  account of the attendance   and  leave  of absence  of the Legal  Assistant/Law Clerk-cum-Research     Assistant    and   shall   send   the   same   to   the Registrar  (Administration)   on last working  day of each month.

(iii) Legal  Assistant/Law    Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   will  not  leave the  headquarters    without   seeking   permission    from   the  Hon'ble Judge concerned.

(iv) Legal  AssistantlLaw    Clerk-cum-Research    Assistant   will  not  avail leave   without    getting    it   sanctioned,    in   advance.    In    case   of emergency,    he/she    will   immediately     contact    and  convey    the Secretary   to  the  Hon'ble   Judge  concerned   of  his/her   inability  to attend office.

(v) Legal AssistantlLaw  Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant shall maintain punctuality  in attending  to his duties.

15.     Undertaking:

On selection,  the Legal AssistantlLaw   Clerk-cum-Research   Assistant shall  submit  an  undertaking  to  Registrar   (Administration)in    the  format prescribed  in Schedule-II.

16.     Termination  of assignment:

The    assignment     of    Legal    AssistantlLaw      Clerk-cum-Research Assistant    shall   be  liable   to  premature    discharge   at  any   time   without assigning  any reason  or prior notice.

17.     Certificate: 

(i) On successful  completion  of term  of assignment,   a Certificate   will be issued by the Registrar  (Administration)   in the form as prescribed in Schedule-III.

(ii)   If the assignment  is terminated  before  completion  of the term due to pre-mature    discharge    by   the   High   Court   of   M.P.   or   due   to voluntarily  giving  up of the assignment,  no such Certificate  shall be issued. 



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